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Darya Dadvar London uk concert, June 7th 2009


Darya Dadvar

Darya Dadvar , a gifted soprano:

Darya grew up in an artistic environment in Iran where her mother - Nasrin Ermagan - is a singer and director of the Marionette Theatre.

She uses her captivating voice to produces a unique blend of opera and traditional music of Iran. She sings in various Iranian dialects, such as Azari, Kurdi, and Guilaki. Through her performances, she not only invites us to a musical journey within Iran, but also, by mixing Persian music with Jazz and Blues elements; she creates a world where different cultures are unified.

Please check Darya Iranian Concert page for the latets news and concert updates.

also soon to come is the first Darya Dadvar DVD in standard and HD format. Register on Darya's contact page and put HD in the comment field, to be the first notified!

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